Non-Transduced T Cells

The non-transduced T cells are available in frozen vials that can be activated and expanded with CD28/CD3 beads and used as a negative control in all assays with CAR-T cells. Promab Biotechnologies has non transduced T cells from different donor that can be used in the assay to test individual differences among different donors.

Catalog # Description Cell Number Price DataSheet
PM-CAR2003 Non-transduced T-cells, healthy donor 1x10 6 /vial $500 pdf icon
PM-CAR2004 Non-transduced T-cells, ALL 1x106/vial $500 pdf icon
PM-CAR2005 Non-transduced T-cells, CLL 1x106/vial $500 pdf icon
PM-CAR2006 Non-transduced T-cells, NHL 1x106/vial $500 pdf icon